Press Clipping
Duede Libre’s Global Osmosis

Seattle trio Duende Libre, led by keyboardist and composer Alex Chadsey, continues to explore sounds where skilled jazz meets diverse world music traditions. Drift is inspired by the ancient continent of Pangea, imagining the bends and paths of the ancient continent.

Duende Libre draws influences from various cultures and countries and parts of the world. Chadsey explains: “On the new album, we explored using different rhythmic feels and styles as a way to meld those sensibilities. That’s what I was going for: a musical pangea where borders become less rigid, and where surprising new sounds emerge in the grey areas between traditions.”

Areas explored include Spanish music in the form of flamenco jazz by recreating Chick Corea’s iconic “Spain.” Brazilian music is also present and a major influence on Chadsey. “Choro” is a tribute to Jovino Santos Neto.

“Kiki” is dedicated Cuban cuatro maestro Kiki Valera Alarcon of La Familia Valera Miranda, transforming Cuban son through a jazz prism. And then there is Afro-rooted music on “Drift” and Turkish influences on “Bosphurus.”

The lineup includes Alex Chadsey on piano and keyboards; Farko Dosumov on bass and vocals; Jeff “Bongo” Busch on drums; and guest vocalist Chava Mirel who appears on two tracks.

Drift is a refreshing and finely crafted recording that brings together jazz and some of the great global music traditions.