Press Clipping
From jazz to jazz fusion. Excellent.

Second is from a bit closer to home–from Bloomington, Indiana’s also excellent label, ROCK PAPER SCISSORS. This label is as good and eclectic as Karisma, but releasing everything from prog to hip hop, always with an artful flair. This second album for today’s Mini Moog post, DRIFT, by Duende Libre, is about as close to pure jazz as MINUS is to black metal. Duende Libre is the brainchild of keyboardist Alex Chadsey, who wrote five of the seven tracks and produced the entire album. One track, “Subway,” was written by the bassist, Farko Dosumov, and another, “Spain,” is a re-do of Chick Corea’s original. The band recorded the album in the greatest Seattle area, though the sound is far, far removed from what I generally think of Seattle’s one great contribution to music, post-Hendrix: grunge. Indeed, grunge would be the exact opposite of what Duende Libre has produced–an album of immense and tight class. With lots of Latin tempos and tinges, the album veers, from time to time, into fusion (especially, track four, the bass heavy “Subway,” and I can imagine Dirty Harry emerging onto a rooftop, looking at the murder victim in the pool. This is nice, nice music. Highly recommended.